Eurovision 12 Points Eurovision 12 Points is only available for Android. Due to Apple's policies it will NOT be made available for iOS.

With this app you have an overview of every edition of the annual Eurovision Song Contest.

Every song can have links to Spotify audio (if available), Youtube video and MusixMatch lyrics. Spotify and Musixmatch are not always available, Youtube is.

However, some videos might get banned from Youtube due to copyright issues, some videos might not be available in every country. In most cases we provided a link to the music video from the official Eurovision Youtube channel. If that is not available, we tried to find the video on the official artist channel. In other cases we tried to find the best video available. If nothing else was available (for instance in 1956) only a video with a single picture or slideshow was available.

When you think you can find a better Youtube reference, please let us know!

  1. Browse by edition
  2. Browse by country
  3. List of all the winners
  4. List of all the songs with 0 points
  5. Search by artist name or title/li>
  6. Share your results via Social Media options like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp or whatever you have on your device.

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